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Deeptale - Arc 2 - Sequence 1

Arc 2: The Devil’s Playhouse
Sequence 1: Water through fingers.
i sit on the couch with a book in my hand.
so, another new universe.
i wonder if this is an alice or a basic universe?
since we first arrived in the alice cluster we randomly switched between them.
that was more than twelve thousand jumps ago.
differentiating between them is quite easy.
but i had learned to be vigilant.
so, time to go to the lab.
i look for the bookmark.
it had been some time since the last time when i was awake at the reset start.
i think it only happened once or twice since asriel has been with me.
where is the bookmark?
the book is about halfway through.
huh, i wonder what exactly he was reading...
ender’s game?
i read that ages ago.
inspired a few of my other favourite stories.
was a good read.
huh... i wonder at which part he is.
mobile phone!
i quickly grab papyrus’ phone.
* bahp-deep-click
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Cocotama meets Tamagotchi!
It seems that Cocotama restrictively appears by the end day of Cocotama movie in Tamagotchi m!x.
If you want to meet Cocotamas, you must go to TOHO cinemas.
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papyrus: Sans? SANS? SANS!!!!!!!
sans:*gasps* Yes?
papyrus: i tell the joke.
sans: yes what?
sans: pfffffffffffff.... HAHAHHAHAHAHA
[The end? Really?]


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South Korea
Hi, I'm The Puppet! AKA The Puppet Master.


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